Surrender doesn’t mean giving up. It doesn’t mean quitting or giving in either. It means having faith. Faith is another big word that means different things to different people. To me it means having faith in myself and in the kindness, love and generosity of the universe, of the divine. It also means to stop trying so hard, especially stop struggling against the tides of fate. Things are working out exactly as they are supposed to, allow it to unfold.

Let me contextualise. Neptune, Sun and Mercury is about the longing for an ideal, the yearning to manifest your hearts desire, the thing that matters most to you, which always seems beyond reach. Neptune’s bitter-sweet disappointment seems to taint everything but gives birth to sublime poetry or music that transports you to another world. It is unrequited love, lovesickness, ennui and feeling defeated. Being told to snap out of it or try harder is unhelpful. If you have the energy to be creative surrender to that, but if not then just surrender.

Also, things are unclear. Is that a mirage on the horizon or is it my dream materialising at last? A feeling of dissociation and unreality pervades perceptions, hence a strange and persistent confusion or delusion. Surrender to not knowing, to uncertainty and to new possibilities.

Neptune has a dissolving effect that the ego-centred self doesn’t like. This is a god who asks for a sublimation of the Self, or a sacrifice. To surrender something for the sake of another, to forgive. Letting go of an ideal image of yourself and accepting who you truly are, are the first steps on the healing path. Even though you are not on solid ground yet trust the process. You are not who you think you are but you are loved and supported nevertheless. Let go of that tired old story so a new one can emerge.

Neptune is a god who wants you to connect more deeply, more fully with the divine mystery, with your innermost self, with the collective soul. This requires less ego, softer edges, less certainty and more mystery. Shakespeare used the word meaning a kind of spell cast upon someone to trick them. These days glamour is a Hollywood illusion or a marketing device to seduce us into desires not our own, or to make us subscribe to an ideal that we can never attain. We will never feel connected or find our true selves in the things we own or in the arms of another.

Consider your choices with care as the decisions you make now will be binding. If you cannot see the path ahead clearly, wait for the dust to settle. Neptune asks you to dream more deeply, connect more fully and surrender to the divine.



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Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

I have studied Astrology, Classics, Literature, Art and Philosophy all my life. Astrology is a divine oracle and speaks the language of the soul.