New Moon in Pisces

There are three distinct and potent themes showing up under the new moon in Pisces; Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, as three sets of conjunctions perfect simultaneously. Jupiter, strong in his domicile of Pisces and host of the Sun and Moon, as well as Neptune. Then Saturn, also in his own house of Aquarius and host of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto next door in Capricorn. Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn. Uranus is on his own in Taurus, but is received by Venus who is in Saturn’s house. What does this mean?

The new Moon, invisible in the night sky translates the light of the Sun as it emerges from the conjunction, through to Jupiter and then Neptune in the hours following the lunation. The beautiful sequence has a feeling of fresh hope, of divinity rising again from the darkness and and offering a glimpse of utopia. Watch for the wisp of the crescent Moon appearing at dusk in the west after sunset towards the end of the week, plant your seeds and offer your wishes. It should be a lovely sight.


With Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces themes activated by the new Moon you may sense that dreams are within your grasp, miracles are possible and your faith is restored. What you once believed in; your art, music, spiritual practices and so on, feel relevant again, bringing inspiration and a sense of new purpose. Pisces is a very creative, spiritual and mystical place for this new Moon.

Jupiter, although under the beams of the Sun, or combust, and considered weak or burnt up, is still beneficial. He expands our horizons, making travel, learning and teaching easier and inspiring our optimism. We will need to wait a couple of weeks for these benefits to strengthen and manifest. Hold onto hope and set your intentions as small beginnings can lead to bigger than expected results.

The new Moon’s sextile to Uranus offers opportunities for reform, showing us fresh perspectives and forging new arrangements that make it easier to find common ground, to work together and collaborate. Unity through diversity and appreciation of our unique gifts come with a sense of liberation and excitement and impatience.

This big-ness that Jupiter brings is not always welcome, especially in water signs. Too much water along side the Moon can be overwhelming in the wrong situation. May you receive the blessing of rain where it is dry and needed.

Jupiter Cazimi, when the Sun perfects its conjunction with Jupiter on 5 March is a power moment that could collectively inspire an outpouring of emotion, or could even show up as the fall of a monarch, or the death of a celebrity. For us however it could bring a stroke of luck, especially as Venus and Mars ingress into Aquarius on the same day.

The Cazimi Moment
During the cazimi seed moment, the planets are said to be in the heart of the Sun or in the Heart of the King. It’s like being in the throne room at the court of the monarch; it is to be in the nucleus of power — merged with it. Having an audience with a person of great power provides a prized opportunity to accomplish an objective, or to learn about how the monarch thinks about things from their point of view. Taking a symbolic view of this, panning out to its broadest possible expression, this connection is really about contacting that sacred life force that is tireless and eternally effusive, that as Paramahansa Yogananda says we can all connect with and allow to guide our thoughts, plans, and actions.
“Use constructively the power you already have, and more will come. Tune yourself with Cosmic Power. Then you will possess the creative power of Spirit. You will be in contact with Infinite Intelligence, which can guide you and solve all problems. Power from the dynamic Source of your being will flow through you so that you will be creative in the world of business, the world of thought, or the world of wisdom.”
The cazimi moment is both a seed moment and a moment of purification. It is as if all of the dross of the planet’s significations is cleared, all of its communications with the agendas of other planets are suspended and the planet is there held in the light of its purest form. We can commune with it at this time in this condition and get a sense of what it wants and also guide what we want in relation to it.
From Atlas Astrology ~ to read more go here.


Over in Aquarius, Mercury joins Saturn, perfecting at the same time as the new Moon on 3 March. Saturn is Lord of this house, the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarius is symbolised by the cup or the vessel that disseminates thoughts, ideas, ideology and concepts. There may be silence from a once vocal group, a sobering of thought and focused objective thinking applied to better organise a complex scenario.

Few words are spoken but they have weight and authority, or great wisdom. I heard one astrologer say that new laws, edicts and government mandates come under the auspices of Saturn in Aquarius, certainly doing things for the greater good is very compelling, whether we believe in it or not.

That there are three distinct conjunctions perfecting simultaneously, including the new Moon is very significant, and is telling us that events are converging or culminating, bringing a sense of portent in both personal and political arenas as well as in the collective mind and our individual lives.

Do you sense that we are approaching a pivotal moment? A turning point or crossroad, that has to be navigated?


The third group of planets deserves its own essay and I have written about it in previous posts, the Capricorn theme. This could be a closing episode in this long Capricorn saga. We won’t see any more Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn until Christmas.

So we have Venus and Mars conjoin Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn. Venus began her retrograde at 26 degrees Capricorn last December, when we were in the midst of the pandemic so this is certainly part of this Venus/Pluto narrative.

Venus and Mars have formed a slow-moving conjunction because of her retrograde, as if she is waiting for Mars to catch up and over take her. As she begins to gain speed she will then overtake Mars as they move into Aquarius on 7 March. Venus and Mars are very passionate together, even in cool, sensible Capricorn.

But what part does Pluto play in this configuration?

Pluto signifies more than war and plague. Pluto is the phoenix archetype representing rebirth, or the salamander, a symbol of purification by fire; the rebirth that follows death, the creator of new life from the ashes of destruction. Big themes such as birth, transformation and death are evident here. I heard today from a friend with this conjunction square to his Sun, that he has a new grandchild on the way. A very unexpected surprise.

Perhaps Venus and Mars are spinning a new story from out of this hot mess. The symbolism of Venus and Mars is after all betrothal, a pledge, a vow or promise, a treaty or an agreement.

Consider also that Mars is very strong at both the sign and the degree of his exaltation, the twenty eighth degree. Capricorn is very marshal, it is the significator of the military. Mars is the warrior and here he is at his most disciplined and determined, he is exalted or elevated to a position of authority, like a great general from Ancient Rome. Does he draw on the power of Pluto to show courage and leadership? Or is he corrupted by Pluto’s dark and shadowy forces? I would like to think the exaltation will empower him achieve something great and heroic, something profound and far reaching.

As Venus and Mars cross the threshold into Aquarius together on 7 March we may see the triumph of love over hate, of beauty over darkness. Where relationships have broken down we may see reconciliation, forgiveness, gifts and new agreements replacing broken promises, coldness and austerity. This star is ascending and we can look forward to seeing more of her sparkle as she races to the sign of her exaltation, Pisces.

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