As the Sun and Moon join they form an alignment with Jupiter and Mars in Aries, bringing together the elements Air and Fire in a friendly, helpful sextile. Have you noticed how in the sequence of signs in the zodiac, air and fire signs are either in sextile or opposition? These two elements need each other, for better or worse, either as friend or foe. It looks like this time they are friends and that something good will come out of this hot mess of Jupiter and Mars.

Gemini is the sign of the twins. It represents the story of Castor and Pollux, two brothers who were inseparable. Castor was the mortal son of a King, the other boy, who hatched out of an egg, was the immortal son of a god disguised as a swan. They were twin brothers, yet had different fathers in this tricky tale typical of myth, where nothing is what it seems.

They loved sport, especially boxing, sailing and horse-riding. When Prince Castor is tragically killed, his brother Pollux is grief-stricken, but he persuades his father to help them. So Zeus immortalises them both together in the constellation Gemini, never to be separated again. I love how this story seems to convey the youthful, boyish energy of Gemini.

This seed-moment of the new moon in Gemini wants you to start things in pairs. Two of things that need to be together to become what they are meant to be, things that should not be parted. Like shoes and socks. Also pay attention to ears, eyes, hands and lungs. Listen carefully, follow the signs, read the fine print, observe the details, take care of your hands if you are lucky enough to have them, remember to breathe.

The airiness of Gemini is concerned with ideas, thoughts and communication; especially the written or spoken word, social media and the transmission of news and information, as well as the gadgets that enable them.

This is a very auspicious moment to start something that fits this theme, to catch the momentum of this lunar cycle through the next few weeks.

Suddenly things are moving very fast and scattering in all directions, after this lunation. There are too many options, too many important choices and decisions to make. Thoughts are like a flock of birds, all twittering at once. How good are you at slowing your thoughts down and focusing on the present moment?

Mars and Jupiter perfect their conjunction the day before the new moon, in a close sextile to the New Moon. This adds fire to the already volatile air. Something could blow up, hopefully only a celebratory balloon.

People are talking a lot, but no one is listening, a common Gemini trait. We are all perhaps distracted by the excitement of Mars and Jupiter together. Jupiter is encouraging the impetuous, impatient and reckless Mars, who might just pull off an amazing stunt.

The fire is also intuitive, inspired and creative, and combined with air it could all be launched into space like a rocket, with minimal planning, on an incredible trajectory of fame. Just winging it. There are some thrilling, but dangerous possibilities.

However Mercury is still retrograde, still combust, so twists and trickery are very possible. Mercury stations in Venus’ domicile at 26 degrees Taurus. It forms a trine to Pluto, a tight square to Saturn and a nice sextile to Neptune in Pisces, while gradually turning its back on the nodes of the Moon.

As the Lord of the Sun and Moon, Mercury looks like the planet holding all the cards, the one with the key to the portal of the new earth we have all been dreaming about. Remember Mercury is Hermes the messenger god, herald of kings and queens, and courier of sacred objects. I often lose something (like an earring) when Mercury retrogrades and find it again when he goes direct. He is the go-between and guide for the souls of the dead down to the underworld, a realm from which he comes and goes without having to pay.

On th 3rd of June, as he goes direct, finally out from under the Sun’s beams we might see him rising at dawn before the Sun. Ancient astrologers said Mercury ascending as the morning star is The Herald. He has an announcement to make, potentially with trumpets blasting.

Mercury stations direct in Taurus at the same degree as the eclipse on 16 May. Events may be connected to the eclipse in May, activating those links to Saturn, Neptune and Pluto again, as well as the Moon’s nodes. Four great archetypes are connected to this, the implications could be significant.

Taurus relates to resources, land, the earth and financial capital, it is where we want security and stability, what is beautiful and abundant, green, tranquil, enduring and peaceful. Personally we may have to revise our assumptions about these things or shift our perspective on the Taurus part of our lives, what we value and how we show gratitude for it.

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Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

I have studied Astrology, Classics, Literature, Art and Philosophy all my life. Astrology is a divine oracle and speaks the language of the soul.