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Gemini Eclipse Season ~ Swan Eggs and Stormy Seas

Astrologers love talking about mundane astrology, the astrology of world events. I confess it is an area of infinite fascination for me. Depending on their various fields of expertise, they offer their particular version of astrology for the benefit of anyone who might care to listen, quite often for free. How lucky are we?

As we head into eclipse season, especially this rather ominous sounding red moon coming up on Wednesday night (NZ time), I feel reassured and grateful that I know what to be alert to, what to be aware of and how to prepare for it. This is the work of Astrology. The more I study mundane astrology and how these archetypal forces effect us, the less I am blindsided by events, the less I am pulled hither and thither by things that happen to me, the less I am emotionally crushed by news on TV. Actually I don’t even watch it now.

Have you ever watched an accident unfold as if it were happening in slow motion? Like you could reach out and stop it? Yes it actually is a bit like that. So here is my little prayer of gratitude for the astrologers who bring us awareness and truth. Thank you, with all my heart.

We seem to be under such a lot of pressure collectively, if a scan of the day’s headlines are any indication. However with the nodes of the moon in Gemini, the media may not be entirely trustworthy. We have seen plenty of stories lately about the media’s lack of integrity, the Bashir BBC saga being just one example. We had to wait a long time, but eventually we found out what we knew all along.

Lies, half-truths, misinformation, disinformation, obfuscations and general mendaciousness descends on us like a thick cloud and what is illuminated by the eclipses in Gemini may not be what we expect to see.

Here are the details of the eclipses with a Mercury retrograde between:

May 26 (NZT) full moon, lunar eclipse. The Sun is Gemini at about 5 degrees and the Moon is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius! Seeker of truth and justice.

May 30 — Mercury retrogrades in Gemini at approximately 24 degrees. Mercury being the ruler of Gemini is especially effective here and this retrograde is likely to bear all the hallmarks of a typical retrograde: communications and tech, finance, portals, for example locks and keys as well as cyber security, missing children, storms at sea, annoying delays and expensive reviews, to name a few.

June 10 — new Moon eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini, the second of the eclipse pair.

For clues as to how this might effect you think back to June 2020 and also December 2020. This may be a further development of that story or a new episode, as these eclipses are part of this same series. The mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini) may get drawn into further complications or intrigue, the air triplicity (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) will be detached and amused. Everyone else, I’m guessing — bewildered.

Let’s look at the archetype of Gemini.

A story from the heroic age of Greek myth, Gemini is the story of the twins Castor and Pollux, known as the Dioscuri. There are many versions of the birth of The Dioscuri, who were regarded as helpers of humankind, patrons of travellers and sailors, who invoked them to grant favourable winds and fair sailing. Because of their skill as horsemen and boxers they were regarded as the patrons of athletes and athletic contests. They often intervened at a moment of crisis, aiding those who honoured them.

In this version of the tale of their birth, their mother is Leda, Queen of Sparta and like many of the myths involving the gods, there are elements that are disturbing and violent.

Zeus was in love with Leda, the queen of Sparta. He disguised himself as a swan and seduced her. On the same night, Leda’s husband, King Tyndareus, also made love to her. Leda eventually gave birth to two eggs. From the first egg came a girl, Helen, later to become the famous Helen of Troy, and a boy, Pollux. They were the immortal offspring of Zeus. From the other egg came a girl, Clytemnestra and a boy, Castor, who were the mortal children of King Tyndareus, the husband of Queen Leda.

The twins Castor and Pollux were of different fathers. Castor was mortal, Pollux was immortal and a Demi-god, but they loved each other dearly, shared an unbreakable bond and were never apart. Both boys loved all types of sport. Pollux became an expert boxer and Castor had a natural talent with horses.

Jason invited them to join the Argonauts aboard his ship, the Argo, on his quest for the Golden Fleece. The twins accepted without hesitation and they quickly became known for their ability to calm storms at sea, saving the ship from catastrophe on more than one occasion. They impressed Poseidon, god of the sea, so much so, that he bestowed on them the honour of becoming protectors of sailors, and bequeathed to them them the power to create favourable winds.

One day Castor was killed in a terrible fight and taken to the underworld, the world of the dead. Heartbroken, in grief and despair, Pollux prayed to Zeus to take him too, as life for him would be unbearable without his brother Castor. Zeus invited Pollux, his son to come to Mount Olympus, where he would reside with the rest of the Olympian gods, but Pollux refused, declaring he would not want to live forever while his brother was below the earth in Hades, the underworld. So Zeus came up with a plan which allowed Pollux to be with his brother Castor once again. They would divide their time between the heavens and the underworld, one day high on Mount Olympus where the gods dwelled, and the following night in the underworld, forever alternating between life and death, light and dark, night and day.

There are many legends of the Dioscuri and their role in the various hero-quests of Greek myth. They are half god, half human and their job is to help humanity as guides and protectors. The twins have dual natures, they are neither mortal nor immortal, but have been given the gift of both, travelling between the realm of the gods and the underworld, the realm of the dead. They are mutable, changeable, fickle. They help humanity by influencing the goodwill of the gods and by bringing back hidden, sacred knowledge from the underworld. These days they most likely sift through mountains of data and information, searching for kernels of truth.

Like Mercury, the god who resides in the temple of Gemini, the twins are messengers who bring back the lost secret, the knowledge and information that leads to a breakthrough, a lost piece of the puzzle, or the key we have been searching for. These are magical and supernatural gifts, which can bring about the fortuitous or even miraculous to speed us on our journey. They have the power to calm storms at sea or bring us messages from the dead. Along with these gifts, Gemini people have been given a sacred duty; to uncover and endorse the truth without fabrication or misinformation, to go beyond mere fact to the core of the matter. In this way they serve humanity and elevate themselves.

What even is The Truth? Is it only what we choose to believe is true? Or what is commonly accepted as true? I recently heard story about a woman who grew up in a very religious household. As she grew up she began to question some of the beliefs that had been drilled into her, but it was not until much later when she had satisfied herself that hell did not exist, that she was able to confront her terrible fear and change her beliefs. Beliefs can be profoundly limiting, even the ones we cling to.

Is the truth something we know in our hearts? Like aliens or hell for example, we may see the evidence with our own eyes, but will we ever know the truth or be able and willing to discern facts from fiction? There is something in the nature of this eclipse season that may confront or confound our world view.

Gemini people also have an annoying habit of fabricating. I have Gemini rising, I should know. Gemini’s love to collect facts, but sometimes seem to think it’s okay to fill in the gaps or join up facts to make a new and more interesting story. Lying, gossiping and trolling is the dark side of Gemini, the underworld version. Thieving and other forms of trickery are also part of the Gemini shadow. Be alert to these alternating dark and light qualities of Gemini, the fickle and changeable nature of this archetype, pay attention, ask questions, or pray to Mercury for favourable winds.

Take care and stay safe.



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