Full Moon in Sagittarius


Gemini and Sagittarius themes are activated and that means we are looking at the paradigm of communication; truth, fiction, stories, information, knowledge, lies, propaganda, social media, news media, diplomacy, opinion, rhetoric, persuasion and perhaps the final unearthing of what we have been waiting for. Let’s take a closer look at the alignments during this lunation.

Sun, Moon & Neptune

The Moon in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and the Sun in Gemini, are on the mutable cross. Mutable is also known as double-bodied. The double bodied signs are mobile, changeable and adaptable. Double-bodied signs can be both. There is a to-and-fro fluidity about them, they don’t like to be pinned down.

Neptune in a tight, hard square to the Sun and Moon make this a T-square, and in its home sign, Pisces, so water is an essential, but perhaps unwelcome ingredient. The Sun is in Air and the Moon in Fire. I am looking at the empty Virgo, the Earth. There is pressure on this opposite sign, like a table with a missing leg. I want to bolster up those Virgo themes that perhaps we forgot about, like being practical and organised. T-squares typically are unstable, unpredictable and volatile.

The Moon in excessive Sagittarius, unlike Virgo, cannot be bothered with details, so taking care of our bodies, our herbs, our garden or our medicine, does not fit with the full Moon scenario. Sagittarius wants lots of everything, but usually what is not so good for us.

You don’t care if it’s not practical because its so dreamy and gorgeous, however there is a disappointment coming, something you were expecting fails to deliver. But that could actually turn out to be a blessing. Be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes.

The Moon is seeing the bigger picture because thats also a Sagittarius thing, and is idealistic and optimistic. Truth-seeker Sagittarius, but not the messy details please. We are more casual with our everyday requirements and routines and not inclined to nurture ourselves.

Neptune is not helping us find the answers we seek. The Moon in Sagittarius, the full Moon, may shed some light on something that we need to know, but with the Neptune square it could just be distracting or sort-of-interesting, not-very-helpful information. Its all rather dreamy and idealistic, and living for the present moment.

It is a wonderful full Moon for creative or spiritual projects, for a revelation or an unveiling, for growing your audience, finding your niche, or connecting on another, deeper level.


Saturn is making a sextile to the Moon and a trine to the Sun. Saturn and Neptune again, not easy to reconcile these two large archetypes, but the Moon says yes, we can do it. Saturn is now retrograde, so maybe not as demanding as it was with all its regulations and mandates.

Saturn is saying remember the rules, you have rights, but also responsibilities, there’s no actual free lunch. We need to be realistic right now. But there are opportunities too. Aquarius (Saturn) and Sagittarius (Moon) have a good relationship. Wisdom, truth, patience, justice, and the law are working in our favour, in the long term. We could get glimpses of this, of how boundaries have shifted.


Looking at the configurations of the Moon on the 15th, 16th and 17th, following the full Moon as it moves through Capricorn. A sequence of discord and conflict, digging for information, then hearing the full story as Moon transits Pluto and trines Mercury. It could be intensely emotional, but also a relief. We may see or hear something that could change our point of view. Unearthing the truth can be like that.


On the 11 June Venus passed over Uranus. Venus is in gentle, persistent, stubborn Taurus, her home sign, but with Uranus she wants to break out of the niceness. She wants to do something radical and shocking even. Its flirty, crazy and exciting. You might find yourself doing something radical with your style, your social life or your relationship.

Venus conjuncts the North Node on the 17th, then makes a square to Saturn on the 19th, a sextile to Neptune and then a trine to Pluto by the 21st of June, just prior to the winter Solstice. This is quite an intense sequence relating to love, relationships, friendships, Taurus themes like assets and resources, money, land, groceries, sensual pleasures.

Pluto and Venus have depth and intensity together, especially with Venus about to leave Taurus. Unearthing a hidden treasure.


Mercury is back into flirty, charming Gemini right on the full Moon, the 14th June. Media and communications again. This is Mercury’s home sign, and he is the ruler of the Sun also. Altogether, that is Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Saturn all in domicile. Everything is working out how it is supposed to, and without trying too hard you can be in the right place at the right time.

Mercury makes its third and final sextile to Jupiter on 20th June, just as Venus moves into that trine to Pluto. We have been in dialogue, but nothing has been decided, there have been meetings and proposals with no clear outcome, lots of talking, no actual result. These angles however, have clarity, determination and focus, paving the way for deeper and more lasting agreements. Words spoken cannot be unheard and some of what comes out might not be appropriate.

Jupiter and Mars

Jupiter, Lord of the Moon in Sagittarius is slowing down to station retrograde. Stations are like an intensification. Although unrelated by aspect, Mars and Jupiter continue to be disruptive, angry and reckless in Aries. Mars is approaching a square to Pluto, which will perfect at the beginning of July. I will write more about this nasty angle in my next blog.

So time to tie up loose ends, declutter, say your goodbyes, and get ready for our winter Solstice, the shortest day and the returning light celebration on 22 June, as the Sun ingresses into Cancer. Happy Solstice!



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Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

I have studied Astrology, Classics, Literature, Art and Philosophy all my life. Astrology is a divine oracle and speaks the language of the soul.