Full Moon in Libra


The Moon opposes the Sun from cardinal air sign Libra. Libra is the house of Venus, who is currently transiting Pisces, where she is exalted. Meanwhile the Sun is exalted in cardinal, fire-sign Aries. These exalted planets set the scene, or the context if you prefer, for the most positive lunation we have had for a long while.

It feels like things are moving along very quickly at last. Through the light of the Moon, Libra helps us make relationship improvements, such as finding common ground and more harmonious agreements, initiating friendships, as well as creative projects and auspicious dates for the arts and entertainment. We might find that suddenly we remember what is beautiful, fair, equal and balanced, and find ways to create more of it in our lives. Over the weekend while the Moon transits Libra all we want is peace and harmony.

Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn forms a tense T-Square to the Sun and Moon, so despite the exalted Sun and Venus, there are unresolved issues that may need to be dealt with. All is not sweetness and light, as we might see as the Moon perfects its square to Pluto just after the full moon.

Pluto is slowing down to station retrograde concentrating its intensity. The tension of the square triggers the dark side of relationships, revealing secret motivations, patterns of jealousy and betrayal, or obsessive and addictive narratives. What has been hidden will be revealed, and while it may look ugly, it could be the key that is allowing you to break free and finally heal.

The Sun in Aries, the domain of Mars, has focused desire, defiance and willpower, that wants to smash any obstacles in its path, to triumph over adversity, to win at all costs. The Pluto square represents the obstacles and the Sun is the hero, whose deeds of daring and courage defeat the Prince of Darkness. In real life we may have to deal with the other people and parts of ourselves we don’t like.

As its Easter it seems appropriate to mention themes of birth and death in the context of the Sun Hero/Sun God archetype, who dies and is reborn a couple of days later. These are our cultural narratives, stories of redemption and renewal that are offered in this powerful full moon and Pluto square.

As the Moon moves into Scorpio and opposes Mercury, Uranus and the North Node following the full moon (up to the 19 April) the depth and intensity of our collective desires will show up in the way we relate to others. On a personal level it simply means that in order to be reborn we must let go of our old selves, we must crawl out of the husk we no longer need to be that butterfly. Some strong feelings may be released in the process.

Here we face our demons and either we die or we defeat them (symbolically speaking of course), or perhaps they were not so terrible after all? Gifts may come disguised as something we don’t really want.

Mars’ ingress into Pisces the day before the full moon may temper some of the Sun’s fire. As the Lord of Aries he receives the power of the Sun and filters it through the soft, cool mists of Pisces. This is a dreamy and poetic Mars, spiritual, glamorous and sartorial. He dislikes combat or getting his hands dirty (unless he is fishing or sailing).

Mars transits Pisces until the end of May. Mars-ruled people will feel this slowing-down, a desire to go with the flow, to drift in a more unfocused, imaginative and intuitive way, with less motivation than usual. Skills like reading the weather and the tides could prove to be useful, especially when Mars joins Neptune May 17 to 20.

Jupiter and Neptune remain conjunct in Pisces (the bigness and sacredness of water), but as Jupiter slowly separates and moves towards Aries there will be plenty of opportunities for peace, renewal of faith, and hope returning, up until 12 May when Jupiter moves into Aries.

This alignment is outstanding for moving into the beliefs and practices that support spiritual connection, compassion and ethical choices. If you have been feeling lost, dazed or confused, look for signs, omens and synchronicities that remind you that you’re on the right path. If you don’t feel it, then don’t be in a hurry to take the next step.

The gorgeous Neptune and Jupiter alignment in Pisces, with Venus applying — she will join Neptune on 28 April and Jupiter on 30 April NZT, is making favourable angles to the Moon’s nodes during this full moon. This will offer us an uplifting sense of joy and beauty to usher in the eclipse season beginning on May 1, with the new moon/solar eclipse in Taurus. Earth and Water themes, elements essential to life and our well being, are supported by benefics Jupiter and Venus.

With Venus in her exaltation in Pisces, and domicile ruler of Taurus where Mercury, Uranus and the nodes are gathering, the outlook for the rest of April and into May is peaceful, abundant and grounding. Venus is making a perfect sextile to Mercury and Uranus (conjunct on April 18) just after the full Moon, so now we can look for opportunities to corral resources and secure assets. Pay attention to natural resources, our supply lines, the gardens we grow and how we take care of the environment and the things we value the most.

Mercury and Uranus together is a live wire; speech is lightening-fast, ideas are genius, inspiration comes in a flash, words are radical and rebellious. This is an awakening, but with Venus in charge and sextile, it will be through a vision of beauty and compassion, such as sharing our resources, collaborating, gifting and showing gratitude for what we have, although there could be turbulence in finance, tech or world economies during the transit on18 April.

The gifts of this alignment are showing up in practical and earthy ways, but gratitude is key to realising that what we have is precious far beyond what we usually see as having value or beauty. The lofty ideals and imagination of Pisces can now be grounded in the same way that lightening grounds to the earth; to restore the balance between the positive and negative electrical charge, and bring our emotional vibration back into balance.

As Mercury joins with the North Node on 24 April we may see some important announcements in the public domain, or new ways of communicating them, concerning currencies, finance and tangible assets like land. Mercury is translating the mind of the people, collective consciousness, in ways that could signal important, radical changes to come. Remembering though in the fixed sign Taurus, change is slow moving, but manifests in tangible ways.

Saturn has been square to the nodes since the new Moon at the beginning of April, locking down options for change or limiting the resources we need to make things happen. As Saturn slowly releases us we may begin to see possibilities and potential areas for change that were previously beyond reach.

Where change has been forced through without due diligence, there we may see some of the shadow qualities of fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius breaking out, where ideology dehumanises and enslaves us. The transit of Saturn through Aquarius is gradually teaching us that there is a price to pay if we sacrifice our humanity for technology, for ideology, law or policy. Saturn will not ingress into Pisces until March 2023 so we will no doubt have more lessons to come, time will tell.



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Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

Anna Marie ~ Astrologer

I have studied Astrology, Classics, Literature, Art and Philosophy all my life. Astrology is a divine oracle and speaks the language of the soul.