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Full Moon in Aquarius ~ 12 AUGUST 2022 / 1.36 PM NZT

The full moon this month lights up a grand cross in fixed signs. Aquarius-Leo and Taurus-Scorpio rising signs will feel this the most. The Moon lines up with Saturn and squares Uranus and Mars at the same time. Mars is still in Taurus at a critical angle. This is a tense situation, but there are opportunities amongst this rambunctious, prickly energy.

The Moon, representing our emotions and the public mood, looks serious, sad, and solemn. That’s not surprising with so much pressure on it from the grand cross. It engages with Saturn, just as the Sun perfects the opposition.

The Moon is unhappy while square to its nodes also, and the Aquarian, fixed-air energy makes it difficult to find sympathy or comfort. Anger is held back, and there is a sense of heavy responsibility, or needing to be objective, rational, and reasonable.

Even though the Sun is in warm, generous Leo, we could feel stuck. Or trapped.

We cannot be free of the promises and commitments we made even if we wanted to. And maybe we are wondering how we even got here. Change is glacial, incremental, and barely noticeable. Saturn says it will be worthwhile, though. Be patient.

The set of oppositions in this grand cross is good for stability and structure. Looking more closely at the duality of the Leo-Aquarius binary pair it looks like we are required to find the balance between our own ideals and aspirations (the Leo Sun) and those of the collective (Aquarius Moon). The Taurus-Scorpio pair, along with the Moon’s nodes, asks us to let go of our stuff (whatever that means to you), so we can move forward. Finding the balance between what we need and what we desire.

How does your heart’s desire also feed and nourish the needs of your community or your tribe? How do we relinquish the attachments and patterns that are doing more harm than good? How do we simplify and beautify our reality? How do we include more love, when it is so hard to trust anyone? Are these themes familiar? Maybe we are not ready to hear the answers.

One thing seems clear with all these harsh oppositions. To go beyond duality and find balance, we need to include our shadow. We need to find common ground on the battlefield. Jungian theory 101. We should own it, rather than shift blame.


Mars’s progress through Taurus has also contributed to this plodding pace. It is practical, enduring, steady, and reliable. Primordial even. Mars makes a sextile to Neptune and a trine to Pluto, in the few days around the full moon. Neptune is our hopes, dreams, and wishes, the beauty and connection we are all longing for. Pluto is the grit, determination, and stamina to keep going. It is relentless and impervious. Mars will help you.

As the final Uranus-Saturn square engages and intensifies over the next few months, we will feel the need for change with a sense of urgency. The nodes are here also. We can sense a better world, if only we could see the path to it. It seems impossible to imagine right now. We may have to accept some radical concepts in the process. What do freedom and authenticity mean to you? Does it mean more rules and regulations?

We will feel a welcome shift in energy around the 20 August when Mars moves into Gemini, for a very long retrograde cycle. This is good news for the tech space and a shakeup for the media in general. Cyberwars might become a thing. Then on 23 and 24 August, the Sun says goodbye to Leo and moves into Virgo, and Mercury trines Pluto from Virgo.


Mercury is powerful in Virgo; it is exalted and in domicile. The Sun is more practical and organised now too. Mercury is sifting through data, analysing, coding, and categorising on a deep quantum level. Old files are dug up, evidence comes to light, new information is revealed, and part of the puzzle falls into place.

This could be very exciting, even a breakthrough, if you have been waiting, or digging and investigating something dear to your heart. You are nearly there.

Virgo month is also the time for a detox or a reset. Mercury wants you to look critically at the area of finance and health.


Venus trines Jupiter from Leo on 17–18 August, just as Mercury trines Uranus. Earth and fire. Practical, elegant, and well-spoken ideas appear out of the blue. This looks sociable and creative. And good for relationships that have gone a bit stale. Some extravagance is so welcome, but when Venus opposes Saturn and squares Uranus we will have a choice to make, between freedom and commitment. Again.

This brings us to the new moon in Virgo. There are problems, but there are suddenly plenty of solutions and we may not be as stuck as we thought we were.

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